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ISBN-13 9780132614726ISBN-10 0132614723
ISBN-10 0132614359ISBN-13 9780132614351
Author(s): G. Albyn Davis
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 432

Designed for a graduate course on aphasia in adults and related cognitive disorders

A comprehensive, current foundation for pursuing a clinical career in adult language disorders

This comprehensive text presents both theory and practice in a balanced treatment of impairment-based and communication-based disorders. In a relaxed writing style aimed at students, author Albyn Davis uses a single, coherent voice across the chapters to establish a consistent way of thinking about the material, while noting inter-chapter relationships. Explanatory “walk-throughs” help to make challenging topics clear. Special topics cover therapeutic software and other technologies, levels of evidence, neuroplasticity, new medical treatments, quality of life, and primary progressive aphasia.