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ISBN-13 9780132736800ISBN-10 0132736802
ISBN-10 0137025149ISBN-13 9780137025145
Author(s): Luke Williams
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 208

For more and more companies in a world that's changing fast, there’s only one way to win the game: transform it entirely. For anyone who wants to thrive in this new order, this requires a revolution in thinking--a steady stream of disruptive strategies, and unexpected solutions. Disrupt shows how to generate and execute those solutions--a disruptive approach for a disruptive age.

Disrupt reflects Luke Williams’ immense experience creating disruptive products and services at frog design, one of the world’s leading innovation firms. Williams combines the fluid creativity of "disruptive thinking" with the analytical rigor that is indispensable to business success. The result is a simple yet complete, five-stage process for imagining a powerful market disruption and transforming it into reality.

Using many examples and book-length case study of Little Miss Matched, Williams shows how the more unexpected an idea, the smaller the number of competitors, and the more successful the company that brings it to market. He walks through generating a disruptive hypothesis, defining a disruptive market opportunity, creating multiple disruptive ideas, shaping them into an actionable solution, and persuading key stakeholders to adopt or invest in the solution.

Disrupt offers readers a systematic way to redefine the future of a company, catch entire industries by surprise, and leave competitors scrambling to catch up.