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ISBN-13 9780132820844ISBN-10 0132820846
ISBN-10 0132626128ISBN-13 9780132626125
Author(s): L. Dean Webb; Arlene Metha; K. Forbis Jordan
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 464

The Seventh Edition of Foundations of American Education provides a clear picture of the field of education and how its evolution affects today’s teaching and learning. The text recognizes that becoming a highly qualified teacher requires an understanding of the connection between theory and practice, the philosophical and historical roots of education and its current structures, the real-life challenges facing teachers, and the future of education and the teaching profession.</para>  The seventh edition brings attention to the major challenges and issues that are shaping education in the second decade of the twenty-first century, including major changes in the teaching profession, the classroom, and the board room, increased involvement of state and federal governments in education, the movement toward national standards, the continued emphasis on student achievement data and the push to include these data in pay-for-performance compensation and value-added evaluation, the rapid growth and support for charter schools, and the minority to majority demographic shift in the student population which all have major impacts on  the future of education in the United States.