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ISBN-13 9780132849616ISBN-10 0132849615
ISBN-10 0132849380ISBN-13 9780132849388
Author(s): Joan P. Gipe
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 480

This book presents an analytical approach, consistent with Response to Intervention (RTI), coupled with practical strategies for recognizing students’ literacy strengths and needs, identifying students with special needs, and planning for differentiated instruction. It takes into account each learner’s talents and multiple intelligences with the goal of tailoring instruction to meet those needs.

Making literacy accessible for all students is what this highly regarded book is all about. Supporting a view of literacy development that includes multiple forms of literacy, from text-based forms to technology-related literacy to visual literacy and the performing arts, it describes the analytic process as a means to achieving effective differentiation. A focus on data-driven decision-making and Response to Intervention (RTI) consistent with applying the analytic process is integrated throughout.

The author describes strategies and techniques appropriate to, or easily modified for, any grade level, from primary through secondary school. The new edition highlights the Common Core State Standards that can be met by using a particular technique or strategy, and notes the specific standard in a corresponding margin note. All of the practical strategies described in the text are listed on the inside front and back covers, with page numbers and the categorized skill area.