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ISBN-10 0132868385ISBN-13 9780132868389
ISBN-10 0132867540ISBN-13 9780132867542
Author(s): Julie Bullard
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 504

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Written for Courses in Early Childhood Curriculum and Environments in Early Childhood Education in Education departments or in Child and Family Studies.   

Covers Birth to Age Eight. This invaluable and beautiful resource presents a balance of theory and application to help novices and practicing early childhood professionals understand why and how to design, arrange, and make changes to early childhood learning environments that help children achieve national and state standards through a play-based curriculum. Vivid contemporary photos of indoor and outdoor centers make reading this resource an enriching and aesthetically pleasing experience. 

The Second Edition of Julie Bullard’s Creating Environments for Learning: Birth to Age Eight is a powerful resource for today’s early childhood professionals that helps students learn the basic content and principles on environments and curriculum, and see environmental and curricular possibilities in practice–-developmental and learning theories, current research, curriculum standards and outcomes, children’s interests and their motivation to play, children’s diversity, assessment of learning, and evaluation of the environment.  It also contains a wealth of practical ideas and tips, lists of materials, and engaging vignettes and examples from the author’s vast classroom experience.

This new edition enhances students’ understanding of curriculum by improving upon how curriculum is developed, and by teaching how to advocate and/or design a play-based curriculum, preparing them to use the latest research knowledge as they do so. Still organized by chapters on centers, this text helps pre-service and practicing teachers learn to create, maintain, and enrich indoor and outdoor learning environments to support children’s development from birth to age 8.  This is a must-have book for any college course or program that wants its teachers to know how to intentionally set up engaging and appropriately challenging early childhood learning environments and to understand the evidence and reasons for why they’re doing it.