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ISBN-10 0132876469ISBN-13 9780132876469
ISBN-10 0132655683ISBN-13 9780132655682
Author(s): Edward W. Olmstead
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 272

Master options trading strategies hands-on with Options for the Beginner and Beyond, Second Edition, the brand-new edition of Dr. W. Edward Olmstead's worldwide best seller!

Olmstead has kept all the features that made his first edition so popular: brief, carefully-paced lessons on options concepts and trading strategies, crystal-clear definitions, and plenty of real trading examples. This edition integrates new coverage of weekly options throughout, and presents updated tax strategies every trader needs to know. Every lesson builds on the one preceding it, explaining options in plain English from start to finish.

Olmstead offers step-by-step coverage of controlling risk and protecting your investments, and introduces advanced strategies other introductory books ignore. Drawing on years of experience teaching options (and five years editing a leading options newsletter), he guides you through:

  • Basic Concepts: selecting options, entering/exiting trades, choosing brokers, working with Greeks, risk graphs, LEAPs, and more

  • Trading Strategies: Vertical, event producing, and calendar spreads; covered calls, straddles, strangles, married puts, collars, naked options, stock substitutes, backspreads, butterfly spreads, iron condors, and double diagonals; end-of-year tax strategies, and more

  • Special Topics: day trading indexes with options; delta-neutral trades; theory of maximum pain; implied volatility/Black-Scholes; and put-call parity relationships