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ISBN-13 9780132909754ISBN-10 0132909758
ISBN-10 0321813839ISBN-13 9780321813831
Author(s): Lauren Darcey; Shane Conder
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 600

Since Android's earliest releases, Android Wireless Application Development has earned a reputation as the most useful real-world guide for everyone who wants to build robust, commercial-grade Android apps. Now, authors Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder have systematically revised and updated this guide for the newest versions of Android. To accommodate extensive new coverage, they've also split the book into two volumes. Volume I covers all the essentials of modern Android development, offering expert insights for the entire app development lifecycle, from concept to market. Darcey and Conder go beyond Android's core features, covering many of the SDK's most interesting and powerful features, from LiveFolders to wallpaper customization. They offer exclusive tips and tricks for more effective development, and new best practices for constructing apps that are portable across Android devices and versions—and easier to port to non-Android platforms, too.

Coverage includes:

  • Setting up the Android IDE, writing your first app, and mastering Android's development tools

  • Understanding the anatomy of an Android app, defining apps using the manifest file, and managing app resources

  • Designing effective user interfaces with layouts, fragments, and dialogs

  • Using Android preferences and content providers

  • Optimizing the Android development process

  • Designing, developing, and testing bulletproof apps

  • Mastering the app publishing process, and more