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ISBN-10 013292708XISBN-13 9780132927086
ISBN-10 0132685817ISBN-13 9780132685818
Author(s): Thomas G. Gunning
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 648

A comprehensive, practical text for courses in Elementary Reading Methods, Grades PreK-4, and for classroom teachers who want to incorporate today’s most effective teaching methods and techniques into their literacy teaching.

In a practical, step-by-step approach, this guide gives pre- and in-service instructors a thorough understanding of essential teaching methods and techniques plus lists of children’s books and other materials for creating effective literacy instruction for all children in Pre-K to fourth grades.

Through sample lessons for virtually every major literacy skill/strategy, numerous reinforcement suggestions, and abundant listings of materials appropriate for use with students in the lower grades, this clearly written, practical book gives instructors the help they need to teach literacy to all pre-K to grade four children. With its emphasis on the major methods and techniques that have proven to be most effective through both research and practical application, the book helps readers choose, adapt, and/or construct approaches that fit into their own particular teaching style and situation.

In keeping with the author’s belief that “the best reading programs result through a combination of effective techniques and plenty of worthwhile reading material,” the book not only emphasizes a variety of techniques and approaches but also provides excellent recommendations for specific children’s books and other reading materials. It recognizes that reading is part of a larger language process and pays considerable attention to oral language development, writing, and the other language arts, especially as they relate to reading instruction. With today’s classrooms becoming increasingly diverse, the author’s emphasis on working with struggling readers and writers and English language learners is particularly helpful.