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ISBN-13 9780132930239ISBN-10 0132930234
ISBN-10 0137127022ISBN-13 9780137127023
Author(s): Gregory Shea; Robert Gunther
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2009 Pages: 272

No matter what industry or business you're in, today you face an environment of "permanent whitewater," characterized by intense uncertainty and unrelenting change. Most people struggle to cope with this new environment: they work with far too little sleep and far too much stress, finding themselves pushed beyond their limits without a moment to regroup. Your Job Survival Guide introduces you to the new mindsets, equipment, and skills you need to thrive in an era of non-stop, accelerating change. While other books focus on the broad, abstract principles of leading change, Your Job Survival Guide is the first book for those who need to successfully navigate the new "whitewater environment" when one false move can be catastrophic. Drawing on extensive experience in industries ranging from telecom to energy to health care, the authors show how to pace yourself to preserve your sanity... prepare to fail gracefully and recover quickly... retain optimism, resilience and a sense of play no matter how hard you're working... build a "personal flotation device" designed to protect your career security... and set your own course...... lead ad hoc, loosely linked teams that constantly form and re-form... thrive in an environment that demands more, and delivers non-stop adventure in return.