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ISBN-10 0133154041ISBN-13 9780133154047
ISBN-10 0133158802ISBN-13 9780133158809
Author(s): Michael Lawrence Faulkner
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 272

If you're a leader or manager, every word matters. But some words matter most of all: verbs. Verbs are the catalysts of sentences. They bring communication to life – whether it's written or spoken. The right "power verbs" make all your interactions and advice more memorable, impactful, and dynamic. They make you more inspiring, more effective, more successful in everything you do, from building teams to leading projects. Conversely, if you rely on dull and uninteresting verbs, your guidance and directions will fall flat – and so will your career.

Now, in Power Verbs for Managers and Executives, communications expert and business professor Dr. Michael Faulkner shows you exactly how to choose action-packed verbs that electrify your communications. Packed with hundreds of verbs and phrases, this concise, easy-to-use guide reveals why certain verbs are so much more powerful, and provides sample sentences showing you exactly how to use them.

Using Faulkner's verbs and real-world examples, you can energize your workforce, galvanize the action you need to succeed, and build well-oiled teams that work together to deliver maximum productivity and performance.