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ISBN-10 0133390578ISBN-13 9780133390575
ISBN-10 0201758679ISBN-13 9780201758672
Author(s): Doug A. Bowman; Ernst Kruijff; Joseph J. LaViola; Ivan Poupyrev
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Copyright year: © 2005 Pages: 512

On desktop computers, good user interface design is now almost universally

recognized as a crucial part of the software and hardware development process.

Almost every computing-related product touts itself as “easy to use,”

“intuitive,” or “designed with your needs in mind.” With the advent of virtual

environments, augmented reality, ubiquitous computing, and other “off-the

desktop” technologies, 3D user interface design is now becoming a critical area

for developers, students, and researchers to understand. The authors are all at

the forefront of this field, have presented on the topic at several conferences,

and lead the 3D UI mailing list. They provide information on existing software

tools; case studies of 3D UIs in real-world applications; implementation tips for

common interaction techniques; and principles for choosing appropriate

devices for 3d UIs. This is one of the most exciting areas of research in

computer science today, yet there have been very few if any books written

about it. 3D User Interfaces will be the first compilation of principles, research

results, and real-world examples for 3D UIs, and should become the seminal

work on the subject.