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ISBN-10 0133431193ISBN-13 9780133431193
ISBN-10 0321888022ISBN-13 9780321888020
Author(s): Brian Overland
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 816

A Ready Reference for C++

C++ for the Impatient offers both the quickest way for busy programmers to learn the latest features of the C++ language and a handy resource for quickly finding answers to specific language questions. Designed to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information you require fast and to the point, this book is also an essential guide to the new C++11 standard, including advanced uses of the C++ standard library.

Features include

  • Concise descriptions of nearly every function, object, and operator in the C++ core language and standard library, with clear, well-chosen examples for each of them

  • Information provided “at a glance” through syntax displays, tables, and summaries of important functions

  • Content organized for quick look-up of needed information

  • Simple explanations of advanced concepts, using helpful illustrations

  • Complete program examples that are both useful and intriguing, including puzzles, games, and challenging exercises

  • C++11 features, all covered in the book, include:

  • Lambdas

  • rvalue references

  • Regular-expression library

  • Randomization library

  • Hash-table containers

  • Smart pointers

  • C++ for the Impatient is an ideal resource for anyone who needs to come up to speed quickly on C++11. Whether or not it’s your first C++ book, it will be one you come back to often for reliable answers.