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ISBN-13 9780133458978ISBN-10 0133458970
ISBN-10 0133458903ISBN-13 9780133458909
Author(s): Robert W. Taylor; Eric J. Fritsch; John Liederbach
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright year: © 2015 Pages: 408

For criminal justice studentsand practitioners with a beginning interest in studying cybercrimes, cyberterrorism and information warfare committed using computer and computer network technology.

This text uses a conversational tone to the writing designed to convey complex technical issues as understandable concepts.

Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism, 3e, is written in a user-friendly fashion, designed to be understandable by even the most technologically challenged reader. Issues addressed in the book include descriptions of the types of crimes and terrorist acts committed using computer technology, theories addressing hackers and other types of digital criminals, an overview of the legal strategies and tactics targeting this type of crime, and in-depth coverage of investigating and researching digital crime, digital terrorism, and information warfare. Additionally, upon completion of the text, readers should find themselves better prepared for further study into the growing problems of crime, terrorism and information warfare being committed using computer technology.

Teaching and Learning

This easy-to-read text offers an overview of both the technological and behavioral aspects of digital crime and terrorism. It provides:

  • Up-to-date coverage of the digital crime, digital terrorism and the information warfare problem: Introducesstudents to the types of crimes, acts of terrorism, and information warfare that are committed using computers, networks, and the Internet

  • Outstanding pedagogical features: Encourages students to develop critical thinking skills with numerous examples and exercises

  • Exceptional instructor resources: Makes class preparation quick and easy with innovative features