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ISBN-10 0133496422ISBN-13 9780133496420
ISBN-10 013349196XISBN-13 9780133491968
Author(s): Doug Harward; Ken Taylor; Russ Hall
Publisher: Pearson FT Press
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 192

All learning leaders want their organizations to be perceived as great, but what makes a “great” training organization?  How does a training organization achieve greatness, particularly from the perspective of the corporation, the learners, and any customers, clients and partners that interact with it?

This book presents findings that are based on the data, information, and experiences shared with Training Industry, Inc. by several hundred learning professionals over a five year span, from 2008 to 2012. These eight process capabilities, outlined below, have been identified as the key functions in the design, delivery and management of corporate workforce training.

  • Strategic Alignment: Designing learning programs that align with business objectives

  • ContentDevelopment: Assessing, designing, managing and maintaining content

  • Delivery: Managing a network of instructors and delivering content using multiple modalities

  • Diagnostics: Identifying causes of problems and making recommendations 

  • Reporting & Analysis: Defining business metrics and reporting the data to make business improvements

  • Administrative Services: Scheduling, registering and performing other learning operations and support functions

  • Technology Integration:  Integrating learning technologies with each other or with other corporate applications

  • Portfolio Management: Managing, rationalizing, maintaining and updating large portfolios of programs

  • This book consists of eight sections, focusing on each of the process capabilities in detail and presenting practice ratings data. In addition, individual practices are explained further, noting specific procedures or scenarios and how they are best executed, all supported by best practices and advice from learning leaders.