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ISBN-10 0135014662ISBN-13 9780135014660
ISBN-10 0135014638ISBN-13 9780135014639
Author(s): Richard D. Bucher
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright year: © 2010 Pages: 312

For courses in Success/Orientation, Race and Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity in the Workplace (Business Management), Interpersonal Human Relations, Sociology, and Allied Health/Human Services; also for teacher-training education courses, and staff/professional development workshops.

In this work on human diversity, Bucher seamlessly integrates personal and organizational perspectives, research, and theories while discussing teamwork, communication, leadership, conflict and other issues in a diverse workplace and school.  This allows the learner to personalize the learning experience and develop awareness of diversity within as well as between groups.  By engaging the reader on both a cognitive and affective level, Diversity Consciousness takes students on a journey of learning.  Igniting student’s curiosity and questions about the nature and relevance of diversity, this book does not allow for passive learning. Bucher makes it clear that developing diversity consciousness is a lifelong, incremental process that requires an ongoing commitment of learning.  While people of all backgrounds are apt to encounter potential barriers to their success when they communicate, work in teams, lead, and manage conflict in diverse settings, this book offers tools to recognize, understand and deal effectively with these barriers.