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ISBN-10 0135016320ISBN-13 9780135016329
ISBN-10 0135145295ISBN-13 9780135145296
Author(s): Gary R. Morrison; Deborah L. Lowther
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Copyright year: © 2010 Pages: 384

For courses in Computers in Education and Instructional Media and Technology.

This computers in education textbook is constructed around a constructivist lesson-planning model. This text helps prospective teachers understand the potential of using computers in the classroom and develop new methods for using computers. The authors provide a rationale for integrating computers into the classroom curriculum by usign them as tool, rather than just an instructional delivery device.  Accessible even for students with minimal computer skills–using a mouse, using menus, and opening/creating/saving documents. Coverage is aligned with ISTE guidelines and structured around the ten-step NTeQ (iNtegrating Technology for inQuiry) model for developing and implementing integrated lesson plans. Word processing, spreadsheets, databases, publishing software, the Internet, and educational software are all explored, with the goal of demonstrating how to determine whether or not computers should be used and how best to use them.