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ISBN-10 0136118534ISBN-13 9780136118534
ISBN-10 0136118488ISBN-13 9780136118480
Author(s): Chan S. Park
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 960

Although it contains little advanced math and few truly difficult concepts, the introductory engineering economics course is often a curiously challenging one for the sophomores, juniors, and seniors who take it. This may be because the course is the student's first analytical consideration of money. Or because the emphasis on theory may obscure for the student the fact that the course aims, among other things, to develop a very practical set of analytical tools for measuring project worth. This is unfortunate since, at one time or another, virtually every engineer – not to mention every individual – is responsible for the wise allocation of limited financial resources. It could also be that the mixture of industrial, civil, mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing engineering, and other undergraduates who take the course often fail to "see themselves" in the skills the course and text are intended to foster. This text aims not only to provide sound and comprehensive coverage of the concepts of engineering economics but also to address the difficulties of students outlined above, all of which have their basis in inattentiveness to the practical concerns of engineering economics. The text is intended for undergraduate engineering students at the sophomore level or above. The only mathematical background required is elementary calculus.

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