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ISBN-13 9780137042289ISBN-10 0137042280
ISBN-10 0137028725ISBN-13 9780137028726
Author(s): Lori Helman; Donald R. Bear; Marcia Invernizzi; Shane Templeton; Francine Johnston
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 192

A research-based word study approach for teachers to provide appropriate instruction to Spanish speaking English Language Learnersin phonics vocabulary and spelling to transition from Spanish to English and aid in the improvement of academic language growth.

As one of a three book companion series, Words Their Way Within Word Sorts for Spanish Speaking English Language Learners addresses the predictable orthographic stages of Spanish speaking English Language Learners (ELLs) and provides teachers with instruction for aiding in the improvement of academic language growth amongst these students. Designed to help teachers working with transitional readers in the within word pattern stage of spelling development (Grades 1 — 4), the word sorts in this companion volume help Spanish-speaking ELL students begin contrasting long and short vowels and sorting words by grammatical and semantic features.  Each companion volume in this series provides weekly routines that ease Spanish speaking students into English word patterns that are like Spanish patterns and English patterns that are more difficult to learn. This Spanish speaking English Learner series is designed to ensure that native Spanish speakers are offered a research-based curriculum in phonics vocabulary and spelling to transition from Spanish to English and aid in the improvement of academic language growth.

As with the other volumes in the companion series, this text houses the 12-13 units of study that range in difficulty from early to middle to late features in this orthographic stage. Spell checks provide assessment that guide teachers to accurate student placement in study groups, and weekly routines are offered to allow for individual student pacing. Also, literature connections are offered for each unit of study to allow students to use the word features they are learning in the context of sentences and stories. The complete 3 book Spanish speaking English Learner companion series will help to promote academic language development, the highest goal for ELLs.

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