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ISBN-10 0137049781ISBN-13 9780137049783
ISBN-10 0137049773ISBN-13 9780137049776
Author(s): Richard D. Kellough; Noreen G. Kellough
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 432

Thoroughly revised and updated,Secondary School Teaching: A Guide to Methods and Resources is a comprehensive guide to instructional methods and contains many practical exercises for active learning.

This text provides a sound introduction to the challenges of today's secondary schools, teachers' professional responsibilities, thinking and questioning, classroom environment, curriculum, planning instruction, assessment using inquiry, teacher talk, and games, learning alone and in groups, and professional development.

A key strength of this text continues to be the expression of core themes. Six of the most prominent include: the best learning occurs when the learner actively participates in the process; the best strategies for learning about secondary school teaching are those that model the strategies used in exemplary teaching at that level; to be most effective, a teacher must use an eclectic style in teaching; learning should be active, pleasant, fun, meaningful, and productive; teaching skills can be learned; and regardless of their individual differences, students must have equal opportunity to participate and learn in the classroom. Secondary School Teaching: A Guide to Methods and Resourcesprovides future and current teachers with relevant guidelines, best options and practices, the most useful research findings, and current resources so that they can reflect and improve their effectiveness.