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ISBN-10 0205021727ISBN-13 9780205021727
ISBN-10 013612898XISBN-13 9780136128984
Author(s): Andrew Shahriari
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 240

    Exploring Popular World Music is the first introductory level text written to introduce students to popular music styles from around the world.  Focusing on styles that all students will know -- from Reggae to Klezmer, from Afro-Pop to Kodo drums--the book offers a comprehensive, listening-oriented introduction to the world's popular musical cultures.     Each chapter will focus on a specific music style and its associated geographic locale.  The salient musical and cultural features associated with each example are discussed in detail to increase our appreciation of the music.  Relevant artists will be highlighted and suggestions for further reading and listening will be offered.  By the end of the book, the student should be able to 1) recognize a variety of world music styles, 2) articulate musical and cultural knowledge associated with each style, and 3) identify important artists related to the genre.     Supplementing the text will be a web site fcreated by the author) featuring the author's world music map, enabling students to explore pop music cultures as they relate to each other; as well as an iTunes playlist for all the highlighted selections in the book. This book should strongly appeal to Intro to World Music Courses for non-majors who wish to  study popular rather than traditional musics of the world, which would encompass a large majority of students enrolled in these courses. 

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