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ISBN-13 9780205036318ISBN-10 0205036317
ISBN-10 0136155618ISBN-13 9780136155614
Author(s): William E. Burns
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 192

For an undergraduate course in World History or a History of Science.

Part of the Connections: Key Themes in World History series, Knowledge and Powershows how science has developed in different historical settings by focusing on four episodes in the history of world science from the Middle Ages to the mid-twentieth century.

The title of this book comes from a famous saying by the English Renaissance philosopher Francis Bacon: "Knowledge is Power."  It is particularly appropriate for a study of science, for in few human activities are knowledge and power so intimately intertwined.  Science has been both an attempt to understand the world and an attempt to master it. Through a combination of narrative and primary sources, author William Burns explores the following topics in order to provide students with an understanding of how different cultures throughout time and across the globe approached science: Science in the Medieval Mediterranean, The Jesuits and World Science ca. 1540-1773, Science in Russia and Japan ca. 1684-1860s, and Africa in the Age of Imperialism and Nationalism ca. 1860-1960