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ISBN-13 9780205628629ISBN-10 0205628621
ISBN-10 0205569048ISBN-13 9780205569045
Author(s): Bob Bertolino
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2010 Pages: 416

Through in depth discussion, client examples, clinical vignettes, and exercises, this comprehensive book offers readers key principles and practices for strengthening relationships, monitoring the effectiveness of services, and improving outcomes in helping relationships.

Strengths-Based Engagement and Practice (SBE) is a unique, comprehensive book that provides readers with a wealth of ideas and methods for creating effective helping relationships and increasing overall effectiveness as practitioners. The foundational principles of SBE are based on decades of research and empirical findings that have been demonstrated as influential in therapeutic outcomes. More important, however, SBE is characterized by a respectful “attitude” toward others that is distinguishable by five C’s: culturally sensitive, collaborative, client informed, competency based, and change oriented, each of which is imparted in all aspects of helping relationships. This philosophical stance emphasizes a way of being in relationship to and interaction with others. This relational posture influences how we think about change and change-effecting processes.

Essential aspects of SBE include an overview of the primary research agendas associated with effective practice, core principles of SBE, key issues facing current and future practitioners, and an extensive exploration of methods and techniques. The ideas and methods offered are illustrated through extensive discussions, case example, clinical vignettes, practice exercises, and end of chapter summary questions. The book and chapters are arranged such that instructors can use it its entirety or choose specific sections for use. The materials in this book are practical and easily accessible to both students and instructors and are supported by online supplements.

In essence, Strengths-Based Engagement and Practice is a book about practice. The ideas are for use in “everyday” settings in which counselors, social workers, therapists, psychologists, and those in mental health, social services, educational, and health settings provide services.