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ISBN-13 9780205758890ISBN-10 0205758894
ISBN-10 0205467377ISBN-13 9780205467372
Author(s): Kristin K. Froemling; George L. Grice; John F. Skinner
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 464

In an easy-to-navigate handbook format, along with plenty of opportunities to apply concepts and develop skills, this new entry in the introduction to communication market helps students become more effective, successful communicators.

This student-friendly, handbook format allows students to navigate quickly to the topics they need, learn the basic theory, and immediately apply the concepts to a skills application -- all resulting in gains in communication competence.  Instead of having separate chapters devoted to intercultural communication and ethics, this text incorporates cultural and ethical issues into each chapter, allowing students to learn about ethics and culture in every aspect of communication, rather than isolated in one chapter. Modules in every section highlight topics of special interest, including communication apprehension, computer-mediated communication, interviewing, group presentations, and speaking on special occasions.