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ISBN-13 9780205820207ISBN-10 0205820204
ISBN-10 0205628001ISBN-13 9780205628001
Author(s): Michael O. Emerson; William A. Mirola; Susanne C. Monahan
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 272

This is a new text for the sociology of religion course.   Instead of surveying the field systematically, the text is organized around a set of big questions that generate the most discussion and debate in the sociology of religion field.

Big questions covered in the text, include:

  • Whatever happened to the so-called 'decline of religion'?  Explaining religious vitality in today's world.

  • Why is there a rising tide of fundamentalism around the world? 

  • How have recent waves of immigration changed the landscape of religion in the US and elsewhere?

  • What are we to make of innovative ways to get your religion?  -Mega-churches, televangelism and the crystal shop around the corner

  • Is religion a force for social change or a tool of the status quo? 

  • Can democratic political systems accommodate growing religious diversity?

  • If religion teaches love, how can it lead to violence? 

  • How are sex roles, gender identity and definitions of the family infused with religious meaning?  

  • Does religion contribute to environmental degradation?  Does it have a role to play in preserving the environment?

  • What's with the struggle between science and religion? 

  • Do we need God to do good?  Religious and moral values in schools, charities and public policy.

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