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ISBN-10 020583230XISBN-13 9780205832309
ISBN-10 0205785840ISBN-13 9780205785841
Author(s): Steven Scalet
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 288

A deeper understanding of markets, corporations, and the business system.

An exciting first edition, Markets, Ethics, and Business Ethics provides introductory discussion of basic but challenging concepts necessary for a study of business ethics: markets, property rights, law, ethics, and the corporation.  The text maintains an appropriate balance between philosophical arguments and specific business applications. Author Steve Scalet analyzes a central philosophical concept in each chapter, and then applies this material to specific topics in business ethics.

Markets, Ethics, and Business Ethics presents a balance between analyzing institutions as well as the individual responsibilities of people within those institutions. In light of the economic and financial crises of the last several years, this text is responsive to the rules and actions of a business system.

Seamless integration of on-line resources within narrative text. On-line materials include case studies, legal applications, multi-media, philosophical readings, and current news and events. The text presents philosophical discussion with direct application, and the on-line materials offer many expanded options for engaging additional business and economic applications

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Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers should be able to:

  • Assess arguments that respond to each other by either criticizing what has gone before or by developing themes in alternative ways.Recog

  • Debate any given topic by considering the structure of the best competing arguments for any given position

  • Critically assess leading controversies in business ethics