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ISBN-13 9780321838407ISBN-10 0321838408
ISBN-10 0321836987ISBN-13 9780321836984
Author(s): Robert Gould; Colleen Ryan
Publisher: Pearson
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 552

This book is ideal for a one-semester course in statistics, offering a streamlined presentation of EssentialStatistics: Exploring the World through Data, by Gould and Ryan.

We live in a data-driven world, and this is a book about understanding and working with that data. In order to be informed citizens, authors Rob Gould and Colleen Ryan believe that learning statistics extends beyond the classroom to an essential life skill. They teach students of all math backgrounds how to think about data, how to reason using data, and how to make decisions based on data.

With a clear, unintimidating writing style and carefully chosen pedagogy, EssentialStatistics: Exploring the World through Data makes data analysis accessible to all students. Guided Exercises support students by building their confidence as they learn to solve problems.  Snapshots summarize statistical procedures and concepts for convenient studying. While this text assumes the use of statistical software, formulas are presented as an aid to understanding the concepts rather than the focus of study. Check Your Tech features demonstrate how students will get the same numerical value by-hand as when using statistical software.

The robust ancillary package–including the authors’ teaching notes, instructor-to-instructor podcasts, lecture-ready PowerPoint® Slides, MyStatLab, and more-–helps any instructor to teach a modern course in statistics.