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ISBN-10 032185845XISBN-13 9780321858450
ISBN-10 0321840046ISBN-13 9780321840042
Author(s): Diane Fitton
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 264

For College Success, Academic Learning, and Freshman Seminar courses.

Thousands of years ago, Galileo reportedly asserted, “You cannot teach a man anything.  You can only help him discover it within himself.”  With a focus on project-based learning, Project College Success motivates students to explore student success topics and to discover how they can apply these skills to their college experience.

Experience shows that project-based learning actively engages and inspires students. Each ‘project’ introduces an authentic topic relevant to student success and then poses a question which directs student exploration. Through this guided inquiry, students work individually or in groups to discover and explore answers. Students can discuss, analyze, and evaluate various aspects of a current project topic. This approach sparks classroom dynamics, immerses students in diverse discussions, and prepares them for the workplace by promoting engagement and accelerated success through a learner-centered focus to achieve learning outcomes.

TECHNOLOGY OFFERING: MyStudentSuccessLab is available with this book upon request. It is an online solution designed to help students ‘Start strong, Finish stronger’ by building skills for ongoing personal and professional development. Go to for a Point and Click DEMO of the Time Management module.