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ISBN-13 9780071714785ISBN-10 0071714782
ISBN-10 0071714774ISBN-13 9780071714778
Author(s): Pramod Jain
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 352

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO WIND ENERGY ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT This authoritative resource offers comprehensive details on effectively using wind energy as a viable and economical energy source. Featuring a multidisciplinary approach, Wind Energy Engineering covers physics, meteorology, aerodynamics. wind measurement, wind turbine specifications, electricity, and integration with the grid. Planning, site selection, cost assessment, environmental impact, and project management are also discussed. Filled with diagrams, tables, charts, graphs, and statistics, this is a definitive reference to current and future developments in wind energy. Wind Energy Engineering covers: The business of wind energy worldwide Wind energy basics Meteorological properties of wind and air Aerodynamics of wind turbine blades Wind measurement, data management, and reporting Wind resource assessment Advanced topics in resource assessment, including wake, losses, and uncertainty Wind turbine generator components Electricity and generator basics Deploying wind turbines in the grid Environmental impact of wind projects Financial modeling, planning, and execution of wind projects