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ISBN-13 9780199931538
ISBN-10 0-19-973057-1ISBN-13 978-0-19-973057-5
Author(s): Mary T. Boatwright; Daniel J. Gargola; Noel Lenski; Richard J. A. Talbert
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 640

How did a single village community in the Italian peninsula eventually become one of the most powerful imperial powers the world has ever known? In The Romans: From Village to Empire, Second Edition, Mary T. Boatwright, Daniel J. Gargola, Richard J. A. Talbert, and new coauthor Noel Lenski explore this question as they guide students through a comprehensive sweep of Roman history, ranging from the prehistoric settlements to the fall of the empire in a.d. 476. Addressing issues that still confront modern states worldwide—including warfare, empire building, consensus forging, and political fragmentation—the authors also provide glimpses into everyday Roman life and perspectives, demonstrating how Rome’s growth as a state is inseparable from its social and cultural development.