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ISBN-13 9780199927746
ISBN-10 0-19-976522-7ISBN-13 978-0-19-976522-5
Author(s): Lewis Vaughn
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 464

Philosophy Here and Now: Powerful Ideas in Everyday Life is a hybrid text/reader that helps students understand, appreciate, and even do philosophy. The book emphasizes philosophical writing, reinforced with step-by-step coaching in how to write argumentative essays and supported by multiple opportunities to hone critical thinking. It shows students how philosophy applies to their own lives and brings the subject to life with engaging chapter-ending literary selections, abundant illustrations, and a wealth of pedagogical features.
* A comprehensive introductory chapter lays the groundwork for philosophical thinking
* Six types of text boxes--"Philosophy Now," "Philosophers at Work," "Philosophy Lab," "What Do You Believe," "Writing to Understand: Critiquing Philosophical Views," and "Writing to Understand: Arguing Your Own Views" demonstrate the value and relevance of philosophy
* Additional pedagogical elements make the material even more engaging and accessible. These include marginal critical-thinking questions, marginal quotes, a timeline, key terms (boldfaced at their first appearance and listed and defined at the end of each chapter), marginal definitions, and a glossary.
* Charts, tables, and color photos keep students visually engaged
* Fictional or narrative selections-- followed by "Probing Questions"--at the end of each chapter explore and dramatize the philosophical issues discussed
* A "How to Write a Philosophy Paper" appendix offers concise, step-by-step guidance in crafting an effective philosophical essay
* An Instructor's Manual and Test Bank on CD features chapter summaries, reading summaries, lecture outlines in PowerPoint format, and objective test questions for use in exams or midterms
* A Companion Website at contains all the material from the Instructor's Manual and Test Bank along with student resources including interactive quizzes, flashcards with key words, and helpful web links

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