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ISBN-10 1449391923ISBN-13 9781449391928
ISBN-10 0596523041ISBN-13 9780596523046
Author(s): James Sonderegger; Orin Blomberg; Kieran Milne; Senad Palislamovic
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Pages: 690

Whether your network is a complex carrier or just a few machines supporting a small enterprise, JUNOS High Availability will help you build reliable and resilient networks that include Juniper Networks devices. With this book's valuable advice on software upgrades, scalability, remote network monitoring and management, high-availability protocols such as VRRP, and more, you'll have your network uptime at the five, six, or even seven nines -- or 99.99999% of the time.Rather than focus on "greenfield" designs, the authors explain how to intelligently modify multi-vendor networks. You'll learn to adapt new devices to existing protocols and platforms, and deploy continuous systems even when reporting scheduled downtime. JUNOS High Availability will help you save time and money. Manage network equipment with Best Common PracticesEnhance scalability by adjusting network designs and protocolsCombine the IGP and BGP networks of two merging companiesPerform network auditsIdentify JUNOScripting techniques to maintain high availabilitySecure network equipment against breaches, and contain DoS attacksAutomate network configuration through specific strategies and toolsThis book is a core part of the Juniper Networks Technical Library™.