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ISBN-13 9780803637948
ISBN-13 9780803627659
Author(s): Fawcett, Jacqueline
Publisher: F. A. Davis Company
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 480

What is nursing? What do nurses do? How do you define it?The 3rd Edition of this AJN Book-of-the-Year Award Winner helps you answer those questions with a unique approach to the scientific basis of nursing knowledge. Using conceptual models, grand theories, and middle-range theories as guidelines, you will learn about the current state and future of nurse educators, nurse researchers, nurse administrators, and practicing nurses.Great new features guide you every step of the way, including a continuing case study in each conceptual model and theory chapter that follows a fictional multi-generational, culturally diverse family to demonstrate the application of the conceptual model or theory research and practice. The updated streamlined design features more illustrations of the practice methodology of each nursing conceptual model and theory. The bibliography includes published literature on conceptual models and theories. As a bonus, you’ll have online access to the conceptual model-and theory-based practice applications, practice tools, research applications, and research instruments as well as each chapter’s bibliography from the CD-ROM packaged with the print version.