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ISBN-13 9781118382127ISBN-10 1118382129
ISBN-10 1118094778ISBN-13 9781118094778
Author(s): Roger Hoerl; Ron D. Snee; ;
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 544

This book shows both managers who are learning statistic to improve initiatives in business and industry as well as students (graduate and undergraduate) how to understand the strategic value of data and statistics in solving real business problems. Following principles of effective learning identified by educational and behavioral research, the instruction proceeds from tangible examples to abstract theory; from the big picture, or "whole," to details, or "parts"; and from a conceptual understanding to ability to perform specific tasks. The authors teach skills to improve business processes, including collecting data appropriate for a specified purpose, recognizing limitations in existing data, graphically analyzing data using basic tools, deriving actionable conclusions from data analyses, and understanding the limitations of statistical analyses. In addition, the authors will be providing an in-depth discussion of JMP software (what it is, what it can do, and how to use it).  Whenever graphics or statistical tools are introduced, the book will provide the examples in JMP output.