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ISBN-13 9781449316013ISBN-10 1449316018
ISBN-10 1449306403ISBN-13 9781449306403
Author(s): Madhusudhan Konda
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Pages: 96

Get a concise introduction to Spring, the popular open source framework for building lightweight enterprise applications on the Java platform. This example-driven book for Java developers delves into the framework’s basic features, as well as complex concepts such as containers. You’ll learn how Spring makes Java Messaging Service easier to work with, and how its support for Hibernate helps you work with data persistence and retrieval.In this revised edition of Just Spring, you’ll get your hands deep into sample code, beginning with a problem that illustrates Spring’s core principle: dependency injection. In the chapters that follow, author Madhusudhan Konda walks you through features that underlie the solution.Dive into the new chapter on advanced concepts, such as bean scopes and property editorsLearn dependency injection through a simple object coupling problemTackle the framework’s core fundamentals, including beans and bean factoriesDiscover how Spring makes the Java Messaging Service API easier to useLearn how Spring has revolutionized data access with Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC)Use Spring with the Hibernate framework to manipulate data as objects