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ISBN-10 1449692427ISBN-13 9781449692421
ISBN-10 1449628338ISBN-13 9781449628338
Author(s): Michael McKinney; Robert Schoch; Logan Yonavjak
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 696

Updated with the latest data from the field, Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions, Fifth Edition explains the concepts and teaches the skills needed to understand multi-faceted, and often very complex environmental issues. The authors present the arguments, rebuttals, evidence, and counterevidence from many sides of the debate. The Fifth Edition includes new Science in Action boxes which feature cutting-edge case studies and essays, contributed by subject matter experts, that highlight recent and ongoing research within environmental science. With an "Earth as a system" approach the text continues to emphasize Earth's intricate web of interactions among the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, and how we are central components in these four spheres. This flexible, unbiased approach highlights: 1. how matter cycles over time through Earth's systems 2. the importance of the input-throughput-output processes that describe the global environment 3. how human activities and consumption modify Earth's systems 4. and the scientific, economic, and policy solutions to environmental problems Revised and updated to reflect current trends and statistics within Environmental Science. New content on renewable energy, solar panels, and compact fluorescent light bulbs. The latest information on Hydropower and the advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectric energy. The companion website includes robust learning tools that enable students to make full use of today’s learning technology. Students will find practice quizzes, virtual flashcards, answers to in-text questions, and links to additional coverage regarding material discussed in the text. Instructor Resources include an instructor’s manual, Test Bank, PowerPoint Lecture Outline Slides, and a PowerPoint Image Bank.