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ISBN-13 9780135066027ISBN-10 0135066026
ISBN-10 0135026083ISBN-13 9780135026083
Author(s): Eric Dayton
Publisher: Pearson Education Canada
Copyright year: © 2010 Pages: 256

Critical Thinking, Logic, and Argumentis a concise, critical thinking text with built-in study sets, which provides instructors with the basic topics needed for a critical thinking course, and nothing superfluous.  It covers Informal Fallacies, Categorical Logic (Aristotelian Logic), andSentence Logic with Truth trees.  Critical Thinking, Logic, and Argument will teach students how to recognize what makes a good argument and to recognize fallacious reasoning patterns and invalid argument forms, and then to critically evaluate two sides of a case in a fair manner and learn how to evaluate evidence.  It is thecritical thinking textbook that your students will read and work in…from cover to cover.