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ISBN-10 0176578773ISBN-13 9780176578770
Author(s): Sellars
Publisher: Nelson Education
Copyright year: © 2005 

Developing and Role Playing Effective Sales Presentations is entirely dedicated to the sales process and developing the sales call. Each student builds and role plays an actual presentation using a simple, learn-by-doing process that is consistent with the techniques of leading corporate sales trainers. Students begin the process of developing a sales presentation by choosing actual products or services that they can sell, then they gather information needed for the presentation. Students plan what will then be communicated in the four sections of the sales presentation: The Approach, Securing Desire, Handling Objections, and Closing the Sale. Finally, they role-play the presentation, ensuring that they can combine all parts of the sales process effectively.

Developing and Role Playing Effective Sales Presentations is designed to be a primary text in an accelerated selling course or a supplement in a semester course in selling or sales management. It has been used by thousands of students as well as by sales representatives in corporate training programs.