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ISBN-13 9781891389900ISBN-10 1891389904
ISBN-10 1891389602ISBN-13 9781891389603
Author(s): Donald A. McQuarrie; Peter A. Rock; Ethan B. Gallogly
Publisher: University Science Books
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 1021

This Fourth Edition of McQuarrie's classic text offers a thorough revision and a quantum-leap forward from the previous edition. Taking an atoms first approach, it promises to be another ground-breaking text in the tradition of McQuarrie's many previous works. This outstanding new text, available in a soft cover edition, offers professors a fresh choice and outstanding value.

Key Features:

*Guaranteed retail price for three years: $98.50.
*No new edition for five years.
*An authentic atoms first approach -- not just a rearrangement of chapters.
*An elegant, extremely readable and student friendly soft-cover book, assuming only algebra.
*Nearly one third of the book is comprised of problems and worked out examples of the kind that make McQuarrie's books beloved by faculty and students alike.
*Updated color illustrations, including micro to macro images to enhance understanding, and molecular views of reactions.
*Descriptive chemistry is broken up into a series of short, brilliant Interchapters, all online, that can be covered readily or assigned as reading.
*Revised to incorporate SI units and IUPAC conventions throughout.
*Accompanying customized online homework, using the most advanced online system available to help students draw Lewis formulas, write and balance chemical equations, produce orbital diagrams, interact with 3D molecules, and much more, while sending professors feedback on student performance.  
*Ancillaries include a Student Solutions Manual, an Instructor's Manual, and a CD of the book's art, tables and equations, in addition to online homework.
*Arguably Donald McQuarrie's greatest contribution to chemical education..