CourseSmart Accessibility FAQ's

Is CourseSmart Accessible?

CourseSmart's Mission is to service all customers, regardless of their accessibility needs. CourseSmart addresses accessibility as an area of continuous improvement and accessibility enhancements are added regularly. CourseSmart works to ensure accessibility for both its web storefront and its reading experience. Overall, CourseSmart conforms with most of the key WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) and Section 508 Accessibility Standards.

The CourseSmart standard reader has been tested with a wide range of accessibility tools. Specific help documents have been developed for users of assistive technology, these documents can be found at our support site The screen reader also has a setting that will optimize its usage with software such as JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver. The quality of the experience is subject to accessibility limitations inherent in the content supplied by our publishers. These limitations can include lack of tagging for images and charts, equations and formulae and sub–optimal reading order. The reader extracts the text from the publisher source files and makes it available to screen access technologies. All CourseSmart titles can be accessed using the accessible reader, however CourseSmart, along with the Alternative Media Access Center, has optimized our top selling titles to include tagging for reading order, headings, lists, images and charts.

While a substantial number of our titles are optimized, we do not indicate on the website which titles are optimized. While it would seem obvious for us to do this, we have found that many of our titles are very accessible even without hand optimization. It would be incorrect to conclude that if a title was not optimized it would not be accessible.

Using the accessible reader requires a setting to be established in our system. If you use a screen–reader to access our site, when you open a book to read, you will be asked if you would like to use our accessible reader. If this is the case, please follow the instructions. You will be provided the accessible reader immediately.

If you have additional questions about our accessibility, please contact us at or call 866–588–3197.

What accessibility tools are supported by CourseSmart?

CourseSmart has evaluated its website and reader accessibility using JAWS, WindowEyes, iOS VoiceOver and OS X VoiceOver. Additionally, CourseSmart provides help documents for:

  • ClaroRead
  • Universal Reader
  • Read, Write Gold
  • Kurzweil
  • Reading Made EZ
  • Natural Reader

Does CourseSmart have a VPAT available for its services?

CourseSmart has VPATs for each of its Product platforms:

How do I give feedback?

CourseSmart is continually improving the accessibility of our products. We welcome all feedback that can make our product more accessible to all of our users. All accessibility feedback is reviewed at the highest level of our organization. Please send your comments and questions to