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CourseSmart Analytics is an innovative new solution that measures student engagement with digital course materials in order to provide administrators and faculty with actionable insights to help drive retention and outcomes.

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A centerpiece of CourseSmart Analytics is the CourseSmart Engagement Index™, a proprietary algorithm that evaluates student usage data points and assimilates them into an overall assessment of students' engagement with digital material. Used in conjunction with other key indicators such as class participation, homework completion, and exam and other assessment results, CourseSmart Analytics can help improve student retention and outcomes, and ultimately, their success in your course or program.

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Measure Return on Digital Course Materials – Executives and faculty can assess eTextbook usage and engagement to make more informed decisions about course materials.

Support Student Retention Goals – Get an early indication of which students have accessed and are most engaged with digital course materials to allow for intervention with students who are not engaged to ensure they don't fall behind and ultimately drop out.

Sample Dashboard

CourseSmart Analytics Sample Dashboard

Filters – provide greater levels of detail including: Course Title, ISBN, Book Title, Student Name and Date Range.


Summary Table – Key eTextbook usage metrics such as: Average Session Length, Pages Viewed, Books Subscribed and CourseSmart Engagement Index.


Trend Analysis – Graphs representing the CourseSmart Engagement Index and eTextbook Activity over a date range.


Top Students and those with Room For Improvement – Lists students based on highest and lowest engagement scores.

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