Send a link to students
Send a link
to students

Use the custom referral links provided with your eTextbooks to help students prepare for class and refer them to CourseSmart for course materials.

Huge savings
Huge savings for students

Sharing eTextbooks with your students gives them more ways to succeed in class AND huge savings – up to 60% off compared to print.

Student savings from referral links since January:  $738,241

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I used the CourseSmart iPad app and in one year of school saved enough that my iPad and digital textbooks were less than my paper textbooks would have been.quotes end

Findlay H.
Saint Mary's University

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this website saved me from failing my class this semester since my school bookstore ran out of the book i needed for class and i didnt have time to order a book online and wait for it to come. thank u CourseSmartquotes end

Kea T.
Montgomery College

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I plan on purchasing all of my books next quarter in e–book format from CourseSmart! I love the "Highlight" and "Note" features!quotes end

Sharva P.
LaGrange College

How to Refer Students

When sharing eTextbooks with your students, use the custom referral link located below the "Read Now" button on your Bookshelf.

custom referral link

Check out more easy ways to share custom links with students in this short video.

Webinar On Demand

Dollars and Digital: Helping Students Succeed and Save With eTextbooks

Find out all the ways that CourseSmart helps students do more than just save money.

Plus, two instructors share their stories of why they share eTextbooks with students and give a live demo of how they leverage CourseSmart's referral process to do it.

A certificate of completion will be available upon request.

Guest Speakers:

Kathryn Davis

Kathryn Davis, PhD

Director Global Studies, Associate Professor, Geography, San Jose State University

Justin A. Russak

Justin A. Russak, PhD

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara