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ISBN-10 1439008205ISBN-13 9781439008201
ISBN-10 0495114251ISBN-13 9780495114253
Author(s): Yashon/Cummings
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Copyright year: © 2009 Pages: 336

Fully integrating science and social issues, HUMAN GENETICS AND SOCIETY, First Edition, combines a focus on basic concepts and processes of human genetics with a Case Study approach that explores the issues that result from the flood of products, services, and techniques developed from genetic knowledge. It challenges students to think critically in their personal and professional decisions with regard to genetics. Written for nonscience majors studying human genetics/heredity, the text presumes no prior biology instruction. It enables students to learn about genetics as they relate to their world--as opposed to getting bogged down in complicated scientific and quantitative details. Offering a wide array of examples, case studies, and applications to personal and social concerns, the text delivers a strong focus on the societal issues of genetics. Its emphasis on relevant issues equips students with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions related to their health as well as public policy. Students also learn how to recognize genetic disorders and become familiar with their causes and patterns of inheritance. Less rigorous than texts designed for science majors, HUMAN GENETICS AND SOCIETY, First Edition, is conceptually driven and provides case studies and readings that focus on issues.

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