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ISBN-10 0131363875ISBN-13 9780131363878
ISBN-10 0321479815ISBN-13 9780321479815
Author(s): John Lewis; William Loftus; Cara Cocking
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Copyright year: © 2007 Pages: 718

For the AP* JAVA A Exam

  • Meets requirements for new 2007 AP* Exam using Java 5.0.

  • New! AP* correlation to specific pages in the text.

  • New! Questions at the end of each chapter direct students to the new online supplement for the current Marine Biology AP* case study.

  • New! AP*-type questions included with end-of-chapter material

  • Includes coverage of the enhanced for loop.

  • Provides an introduction to the use of generic collection classes.

  • Uses java.util.Scanner for I/O.

  • Introduces autoboxing and unboxing.

  • Discusses type-safe enumerations.

  • Focuses more on object-oriented principles.

  • Downloadable supplements include Instructor's Manual, lecture PowerPoints, source code, lesson plans, and more.

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