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ISBN-13 9780176496968ISBN-10 0176496963
ISBN-10 0176472738ISBN-13 9780176472733
Author(s): Weiten; McCann
Publisher: Nelson Education
Copyright year: © 2010 Pages: 944

Filled with exciting, current research findings, PSYCHOLOGY: THEMES AND VARIATIONS shows you the many ways that psychology applies to your life today and every day! Authors Wayne Weiten and Doug McCann show both the unity and the diversity of psychology's subject matter, illuminate the process of research and its intimate link to application, and masterfully manage to make the text both challenging to think about and easy to learn from. They cover topics ranging from a-delta fibres to zygotes, exploring broad social questions and personal, practical issues like the mysteries of love and the symptoms of stress. Woven thoroughly through each chapter are references to Canadian research and the Canadian context, relevant Canadian statistics, and highlighted issues of particular concern to Canadians, such as bilingualism, cultural diversity, First Nations peoples' issues, and the contribution of women to Canadian psychology and Canadian life. Students will discover what is learned from behaviours such as eating and fighting, and dig deeper to investigate how hormones affect emotions and how the brain registers pain. They will find that Psychology is an amazingly diverse field, with a legacy of unity (its themes) as well as diversity (its variations)! For valuable information on pricing, previous editions, changes to current editions and alternate formats, please visit to search by ISBN#, author, title or keyword for materials in your areas of interest.