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ISBN-13 9780133038910ISBN-10 0133038912
ISBN-10 0133038890ISBN-13 9780133038897
Author(s): Richard Templar
Publisher: FT Press
Copyright year: © 2012 Pages: 1488

The complete Templar Rules! 6 amazing books packed with bite-size, easy-to-follow rules for greater happiness, fulfillment, and success.

Life just isn’t as hard as it looks! Again and again, the most successful, happiest people use the same strategies. You can learn and use those strategies – and they work! In six amazing books, international best-selling author Richard Templar brings together hundreds of bite-size strategies for success… all of them stunningly smart, quick, and practical! The Rules of Money, Expanded Edition identifies 107 “golden behaviors” that create wealth and make it grow: indispensable insights for saving, spending, investing, thinking about, and even enjoying money! In The Rules of Life, Expanded Edition, Templar uncovers learnable attitudes and easy techniques for becoming more contented, more fulfilled, more enthusiastic about life. Templar’s TheRules of Work, Expanded Edition reveals “secrets” of people who seem naturally great at their jobs: those rare individuals who always say and do the right thing, get raises, get promoted – without compromising their principles, or even seeming to break a sweat. The Rules of Management, Expanded Edition covers all you need to get results as a manager: from setting realistic targets to holding effective meetings; finding the right people to inspiring loyalty. In The Rules of Love, Templar offers a complete personal code for finding love, sharing it, and making it last: 100 simple rules for finding a partner you can love for a lifetime (and keeping your partner just as happy). Finally, in The Rules of Parenting, Templar offers adaptable, flexible principles for becoming a better parent, from your child’s birth through boyfriends/girlfriends, driving lessons, college – and beyond! Six classic books packed with simple, common-sense, easy-to-follow rules that will change your life!

From world-renowned self-help authorRichard Templar

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