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ISBN-10 1118910729ISBN-13 9781118910726
ISBN-10 1-118-91075-3ISBN-13 9781118910757
Author(s): Carol Sanford; ; ;
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 224

Responsible Entrepreneurs see themselves as actors in systems much larger than their immediate business and its environment, viewing business itself as an instrument for meaningful change on a grand scale. Interested in more than just their own businesses or communities, Responsible Entrepreneurs seek the bold, sweeping moves that can benefit nations, ecosystems, and the planet as a whole. The Responsible Entrepreneur offers a method for successful social and ecological change, describing means by which any entrepreneur can aspire to and pursue a higher order of work. In particular, The Responsible Entrepreneur describes four archetypes of responsible entrepreneurship: Freedom Entrepreneur (Industry Game-Changer) Realizing Engineer Entrepreneur (Society Game-Changer) Reciprocity Entrepreneur (Culture Game-Changer) Regenerative Entrepreneur (Governance Game-Changer) By understanding the archetype that will best serve their goals, entrepreneurs will learn how to grow their business into a powerful platform that can leverage change, and even change the foundations that create our most pressing problems and issues. To illustrate these principles in action, The Responsible Entrepreneur features case studies based on in-depth interviews with Google Innovation Labs, Indigenous Designs (the primary supplier for Eileen Fisher), FishPeople (who supply Costco and Google with gourmet seafood entrees) and over 20 more.Change must be more than an adunct to the business, but must be the business. The Responsible Entrepreneur will engage every entrepreneur in the role and contribution of responsible entrepreneurship.