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ISBN-10 1118333179ISBN-13 9781118333174
ISBN-10 1-118-22622-4ISBN-13 9781118226223
Author(s): Andrew W. Savitz; ; ;
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Copyright year: © 2013 Pages: 304

The Triple Bottom Line is the groundbreaking book that charts the rise of sustainability within the business world and shows how and why financial success increasingly goes hand in hand with social and environmental achievement. Andrew Savitz, world renown expert on sustainability, chronicles both the real problems that companies face and the innovative solutions that can come from sustainability. His is a hard-line approach to bottom-line fundamentals that is re-making companies around the globe. Savitz identifies and explains this new management concept in plain language, showing leaders in organizations of all sizes and industries exactly how they can benefit. He provides memorable stories and simple rules of the road to help companies find their triple bottom line. In the end, he shows that sustainability is a fundamental approach to management that lets businesses protect and grow the resources they need to succeed. In this second edition, Savitz provides new company examples throughout and introduces companies such Walmart that are leading in sustainability efforts, requiring their hundreds of thousands of suppliers to follow suit. He discusses how today many more businesses are joining the movement-especially medium and small companies-prompted by the rise of conscious consumers who are demanding corporate responsibility and using social networking to influence sustainability efforts. Savitz also discusses how developing economies like China and India present both problems and solutions to sustainability issues.