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ISBN-13 9780077412098ISBN-10 0077412095
ISBN-10 0077412060ISBN-13 9780077412067
Author(s): Bentley, Jerry; Ziegler, Herbert; Streets Salter, Heather
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 416

<h2>Part V: The Origins of Global Interdependence, 1500-1800 <h3>Chapter 19: Transoceanic Encounters and Global Connections <h4>The European Reconnaissance of the World's Oceans<h4>Trade and Conflict in Early Modern Asia<h4>Global Exchanges <h3>Chapter 20: The Transformation of Europe <h4>The Fragmentation of Western Christendom<h4>The Consolidation of Sovereign States<h4>Early Capitalist Society<h4>Science and Enlightenment<h3>Chapter 21: New Worlds: The Americas and Oceania<h4>Colliding Worlds<h4>Colonial Society in the Americas<h4>Europeans in the Pacific<h3>Chapter 22: Africa and the Atlantic World<h4>African Politics and Society in Early Modern Times<h4>The Atlantic Slave Trade<h4>The African Diaspora<h3>Chapter 23: Tradition and Change in East Asia<h4>The Quest for Political Stability<h4>Economic and Social Changes<h4>The Confucian Tradition and New Cultural Influences<h4>The Unification of Japan<h3>Chapter 24: The Islamic Empires<h4>Formation of the Islamic Empires<h4>Imperial Islamic Society<h4>The Empires in Transition <h2>Part VI: An Age of Revolution, Industry and Empire, 1750-1914 <h3>Chapter 25: Revolutions and National States in the Atlantic World<h4>Popular Sovereignty and Political Upheaval<h4>The Influence of Revolution<h4>The Consolidation of National States in Europe<h3>Chapter 26: The Making of Industrial Society<h4>Patterns of Industrialization<h4>Industrial Society<h4>Global Effects of Industrialization<h3>Chapter 27: The Americas in the Age of Independence<h4>The Building of American States<h4>American Economic Development<h4>American Cultural and Social Diversity<h3>Chapter 28: The Building of Global Empires<h4>Foundations of Empire<h4>Europeans Imperialism<h4>The Emergence of New Imperial Power<h4>Legacies of Imperialism<h2>Part VII: Contemporary Global Realignments <h3>Chapter 29: The Great War: The World in Upheaval<h4>The Drift Toward War<h4>Global War<h4>The End of the War <h3>Chapter 30: An Age of Anxiety <h4>Probing Cultural Frontiers<h4>Global Depression<h4>Challenges to the Liberal Order<h3>Chapter 31: Nationalism and Political Identities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America <h4>Asian Paths to Autonomy<h4>Africa under Colonial Domination<h4>Latin American Struggles with Neocolonialism <h3>Chapter 32: New Conflagrations: World War II<h4>Origins of World War II<h4>Total War: The World Under Fire<h4>Life During Wartime<h4>Neither Peace nor War<h3>Chapter 33: The Cold War and Decolonization<h4>The Formation of a Bipolar World<h4>Decolonization and the Global Cold War<h4>From Dissent to Dissolution in the Cold War<h3>Chapter 34: A World without Borders<h4>Global World Economy<h4>Cross-Cultural Exchanges and Global Communications<h4>Global Problems<h4>Crossing Boundaries

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