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ISBN-13 9780077368005ISBN-10 0077368002
ISBN-10 0077368037ISBN-13 9780077368036
Author(s): Bentley, Jerry; Ziegler, Herbert
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Copyright year: © 2011 Pages: 528

<h3>CHAPTER 22. Transoceanic Encounters and Global Connections<h3>CHAPTER 23. The Transformation of Europe <h3>CHAPTER 24. New Worlds: The Americas and Oceania <h3>CHAPTER 25. Africa and the Atlantic World <h3>CHAPTER 26. Tradition and Change in East Asia <h3>CHAPTER 27. The Islamic Empires <h2>PART VI. An Age of Revolution, Industry, and Empire, 1750 to 1914<h3>CHAPTER 28. Revolutions and National States in the Atlantic World <h3>CHAPTER 29. The Making of Industrial Society<h3>CHAPTER 30. The Americas in the Age of Independence <h3>CHAPTER 31. Societies at Crossroads <h3>CHAPTER 32. The Building of Global Empires <h2>PART VII. Contemporary Global Realignments, 1914 to the Present <h3>CHAPTER 33. The Great War: The World in Upheaval <h3>CHAPTER 34. An Age of Anxiety <h3>CHAPTER 35. Nationalism and Political Identities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America <h3>CHAPTER 36. New Conflagrations: World War II and the Cold War <h3>CHAPTER 37. The End of Empire <h3>CHAPTER 38. A World without Borders