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ISBN-13 9780077656089ISBN-10 0077656083
ISBN-10 0077656075ISBN-13 9780077656072
Author(s): Booth, Kathryn; Whicker, Leesa; Wyman, Terri
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Copyright year: © 2014 Pages: 656

<h2> Unit ONE: Medical Assisting as a Career<h3> Chapter 1: Introduction to Medical Assisting<h3> Chapter 2: Healthcare and the Healthcare team<h3> Chapter 3: Professionalism and Success<h3> Chapter 4: Interpersonal Communication<h3> Chapter 5: Legal and Ethical Issues<h2> Unit TWO: Safety and the Environment <h3> Chapter 6: Basic Safety and Infection Control<h3> Chapter 7: Patient Reception<h3> Chapter 8: Office Equipment and Supplies<h2>Unit Three: Communication<h3> Chapter 10: Written and Electronic Documents<h3> Chapter 11: Medical Records and Documentation<h3> Chapter 12: Electronic Health Records<h3> Chapter 13: Telephone Techniques<h3> Chapter 14: Patient Education<h2>Unit Four: Administrative Procedures<h3> Chapter 15: Managing Medical Records<h3> Chapter 16: Schedule Management<h3> Chapter 17: Insurance and Billing<h3> Chapter 18: Diagnostic Coding<h3> Chapter 19: Procedure Coding<h3> Chapter 20: Patient Billing and Collections<h3> Chapter 21: Financial Management<h2>Unit Nine: Medical Assisting Practice<h3> Chapter 56: Practice Management<h3> Chapter 57: Emergency Preparedness<h3> Chapter 58: Preparing for the World of Work<h2>Appendix I: Prefixes, Suffixes and Word Roots InCommonly-Used Medical Terms<h2>Appendix II: Abbreviations and Symbols Commonly Used in Medical Notations<h2>Appendix III:Diseases and Disorders<h2>Appendix IV: The Electronic Health Record<h4>Glossary